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Praise for Six Tires, No Plan

“Bruce Halle’s remarkable story is an inspirational roadmap for business and life. His message that it’s who, not the what, that grows a business cannot be discounted. Michael Rosenbaum has captured the essence of this phenomenal leader whose insights can steer entrepreneurs to the fast track of success.”

Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller
Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“Bruce Halle has achieved the impossible by earning immense brand loyalty in a commodity business. His disciplined focus on employee motivation and customer service offers lessons for anyone seeking success in business – or life.”

Pitt Hyde, founder of AutoZone

“Halle’s is a unique story of the human side of the economy, showing how to create conditions for each person to best serve the customer and fellow employees. This book sheds new light on the ways a leader can create the conditions that allow people to become who they are.”

Francois Michelin, retired CEO of Michelin

“Bruce Halle’s story is an inspiration. He starts his employees changing tires; fixes flat tires for free; is never undersold; scouts every location and okays every store he builds. He promotes from within, rewards his people generously and leads by example – never wavering from these core values. This book should be required reading for entrepreneurs everywhere.”

Karl Eller, chairman and CEO of The Eller Company

“Bruce Halle’s story should inspire any would-be entrepreneur to look beyond the numbers and focus, first, on the people who create success. Halle has shown that even a commodity business can become a brand by building real relationships with customers.”

Edward B. Rust Jr., chairman and CEO of State Farm Mutual

“Bruce Halle has helped to grow Discount Tire every year since its inception, creating a stable and prosperous business for thousands of employees and their families. Fifty years of growth is a remarkable accomplishment, but Bruce gives all the credit to his people. That is the kind of leader and the kind of man that he is.”

Roger Penske, founder and chairman of Penske Corporation